Star Light, Star Bright Memories Wall

The birth of a child is a very special time for you and your family. Now you can commemorate the birth of your baby while also supporting Inspira Health Network’s mission to provide quality health care for our region. With a gift of just $50, your baby’s birth will be remembered with a Newborn Star on our Star Light, Star Bright Memories Wall at the entrance to the Women & Children’s Center of Care at the Inspira Medical Center Vineland.

A star on the Star Light, Star Bright Memories Wall is a great gift from family and friends. Gift certificates for a Newborn Star are also available for baby showers or congratulatory gifts.

For more information on the Star Light, Star Bright Memories Wall, or to purchase a star, email us today or call the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem at 856-641-8290.

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20 STARS FOR 2011

The Deborah F. Sager Memorial Fund, an asset of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem which allocates needed monies for the Pediatrics Department at Inspira Health Network, donated pink and blue baby stars to the families of the first 20 babies born at Inspira Medical Center Vineland in 2011. This $1,000 donation covered the cost of the 20 stars, which normally sell for $50 each. The Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem unveiled the stars on March 16, 2011 and invited the families to return and view their commemorative stars.

  • Lauren Beth Stanger
  • Sophia Lee DeVito
  • Evan Anthony Gromes
  • Jeffrey Isaac George
  • Jackie Alexander George
  • Megan Elizabeth Stanger
  • Kameron Smith Chestnut
  • Crystabel Hernandez Cruz
  • A’Keema Ta’Meeka Graham
  • Rosailly del Carmen Ramirez
  • Benjamin Allen Hogan, Jr.
  • Nasyah Lee Aborresco
  • Josziah Anthony Burden
  • Rossy Ninel Lucas Vargas
  • Cadence Nicole Godfrey
  • Juliannah Jean Robinson
  • Merrick Marvin Flagg, Jr.
  • Olivia Justine Heger
  • Xzavier Aniano Rodriguez
  • Tatiana Rebecca Olivia Rodriguez
  • Yesnel Gonzalez Villegas
  • Rubi Mendez Hernandez
  • Julian Homero Martinez
  • Alessandra Carrasco Ramos
  • Sydnie Rose Blankenship
  • Marleny Gisell Pablo Ballesteros
  • Elias Julian Homza
  • Arjun Nandan Roy
  • Ian Vanneman
  • Luke Vanneman
  • Aeric Vanneman
  • Annabelle Grace Tillmes
  • Matthew Edward Tillmes
  • Madison Rose Pokrovsky
  • Giovana Lynn Perez
  • Joon Yean Pang
  • Acadia Almeda Sole
  • Madelynn Rose Junghans
  • Brogan Elias Mackafee
  • Aziz C. Ozdemir
  • Hakan E. Ozdemir
  • Peter Angelo Terrigno
  • Tobin Briar Sporny
  • Kaylee Marie Diaz
  • Elizabeth Ezraela Joy Spain
  • Abigail Rose Terrigno
  • Veronica Marie Nieves
  • Anthony Papadaniil
  • James J. Messier, III
  • Trebor Alejandro Melendez
  • Denali Jael Soto
  • Michael Lawrence Lopez
  • Emma Leigh Blake
  • Logan Daniel Swanson
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