The Inspira Health Network Foundation Cumberland/Salem, Inc. raises money and awareness in support of Inspira Health Network and is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization.

The Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem was incorporated in 2000. In 2005, the assets of the respective foundations of Bridgeton, Millville, and Newcomb Hospitals were merged into the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem. Each of these fundraising champions raised significant monies over the course of their existence in support of the many fine programs and capital needs of their own community hospitals, as well as for the benefit of the services provided by Inspira Health Network. Representatives from each foundation board participated in forming the new foundation, with five members from each of the foundations becoming members of the board of the new foundation. All of the restrictions on the use of monies raised by the former foundations continued under the new Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem. Also, the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem became responsible for all of the special events previously run by the individual foundations.

Throughout the year, three primary fundraising events are hosted by the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem to generate monies to support the Mission of the Foundation. Our Annual Ball in the spring and the Annual Golf Outing in September offer the opportunity to raise money and awareness that ultimately culminates in the continued growth and expansion of Inspira Health Network for the overall health of southern New Jersey. An integral part of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem is the Inspira Auxiliary Cumberland County, which supports the activities and goals of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem through its own unique fundraising events that promote the health and welfare of the communities served by Inspira Health Network.

A special endowment fund is also maintained by the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem to grow the investment of unrestricted donations accumulated over the years from the individual foundations, along with new monies contributed since the merger in 2004. Annual distributions from this endowment are contributed to Inspira Health Network to support the many fine programs and services that enhance the delivery of quality, compassionate health care for residents in the Inspira Health Network service area of Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, Atlantic and Cape May Counties. A primary focus of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem is to grow this endowment to ensure that quality health care will be available for future generations.

The Board of Directors of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem oversees and approves the decisions of the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem. This group is comprised of local business leaders, expert legal and financial advisers, community organizers and medical professionals that dedicate their time and talents to guide the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem’s efforts in raising money and awareness for Inspira Health Network. These individuals are engaged in a collaborative effort as a result of their combined vision of Inspira Health Network as the benchmark of quality health care for southern New Jersey.

Outreach from the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem to the local community takes many forms, from invitations to participate in our Special Events as attendees and sponsors, to generating interest in a Method of Giving such as an outright gift of cash, a planned gift that initiates a family legacy of giving, or a bequest in a will. Each and every donor becomes a valuable asset to the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem, and for that we are deeply grateful.

In order to join us in our mission of providing quality health care for our communities, we ask you to help us in two ways:
  • 1) Make the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem your “charity of choice;” and,
  • 2) Spread the message that the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem is firmly committed to the success of Inspira Health Network.

Only with your involvement can we maintain a concerted effort to support Inspira Health Network as a beacon of light when you and your family are in need of quality medical care. For more information, or to make a donation, call the Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem Office at 856-641-8290. The gift of a healthier community begins with you.

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.-Winston Churchill